Fusion Dance Academies

Dancers are the only athletes who aren't allowed to show it hurts.

Danec School with classes available in  Classes available in Aldershot, Alton and Basingstoke. We teach a range of dance styles to children and adults from; Freestyle disco, Rock 'N' Roll, Latin American, Line Dancing, Ballet,Zumba (adults only) and the ever growing street and hip-hop. 

Fusion Dance Academies Achievements - Feb to May

Sunday 3rd February 2019: London Seminar Lancaster Gate

After a successful lecture at the AGM in Addlestone Samantha Smith was asked to lecture in Slow Freestyle in the Ballroom Lectures in front of examiners and fellow IDTA Teachers. This being a year after Stacey’s first big lecture at the same venue in 2018, it proved successful and was supported by 6 fellow Fusion teachers and Principals. The day was well spent learning from other professionals, mingling and networking with fellow dance schools and observing another wonderful cabaret with canapes and refreshments. A true team building event that Fusion Dance Academies will continue to support in future.

Sunday 10th March 2019: PRO Workshop Day for Amateurs

This saw the beginning of a new concept that we as a dance school are looking to offer to various dance schools in the local areas every 18 months. Joined by fellow IDTA Schools Simply Dance and Footsteps we enjoyed a day of lectures in varying styles. The day was commenced with a warm up and stamina training session with Aldershot Boxing Club and followed by an Argentine Tango with Youlie Mouzafiarova and her husband David. Lisa Handley from Manchester drove down with her student Mia and conducted lectures in Musical Theatre and Commercial. Yvonne Saunders, Board of Director hosted a Samba Lecture which was then followed by Salsa with James Montgomery and Louise Usher. The day was well received with positive reviews and we are grateful for our friends within the IDTA to help accommodate this opportunity for our students.

Sunday 17th March 2019: London Show at The Shaftesbury Theatre

15 students from across Basingstoke and Aldershot came together to perform in the Young Performers Variety Show held at Shaftesbury Theatre. With students aged from 7 to 21 years Fusion decided to offer the opportunity to perform on a West End Stage 5 years after the last time they did so. A team of dedicated, motivated and small group of the Fusion family saw the guys perform two 5 minute pieces in front of other dance schools from across the country and their families. They performed an Ariana Grande Medley and also honoured the Barn Dance from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. All the hard work paid off and they shone bright whilst owning the stage.

Saturday 11th May 2019: Freestyle Scholarships Birmingham

After being successfully nominated in the 2018 dance exams Fusion Dance Academies had 9 nominations. With two unable to compete the remaining 7 and teachers travelled to Birmingham to take part in one of the most efficiently run competitions competing against other nominees in their designated age categories. Choreographer Andrew Chadwick took each group through their paces with some innovative choreography and it was an amazing experience for all. As a team Fusion held their own with Group B seeing George Hardey and Chloe Cooles progress through to Semi Finals with Chloe achieving the Anna Jones Award for outstanding potential. Group D saw Hannah Arbury progressing all the way through to the finals and placing 4th. A massive well done to all of our students Molly Knight, Emily Burr, Hannah Arbury, Jinny Leybourne, George Hardey, Chloe Cooles, Hollie Savage, Ciaron Cooney and Jodie Upton.

On another note in relation to Scholarship nominations a massive congratulations to Hannah Arbury who was also nominated for Ballet Scholarships but was unable to participate due to her age. Still however a huge achievement.

Sunday 12th May 2019: Freestyle Seminar

After a successful but tiring day at the Scholarships Stacey and Sam took four of our pupils to take part in lectures the following day which were taken by fellow choreographers and IDTA teachers. Jinny Leybourne, Hollie Savage, Emily Burr and Molly Knight took part in every lecture that was offered that day for the amateurs. Stacey and Sam took part in the professional lectures that day to gain some new ideas from fellow teachers. It was a great day had by all and we look forward to attending more in the future.