Fusion Dance Academies

Dancers are the only athletes who aren't allowed to show it hurts.

Danec School with classes available in  Classes available in Aldershot, Alton and Basingstoke. We teach a range of dance styles to children and adults from; Freestyle disco, Rock 'N' Roll, Latin American, Line Dancing, Ballet,Zumba (adults only) and the ever growing street and hip-hop. 

“I believe passion for dance grows with knowledge and without restrictions”.

about Remain Nameless

Remain Nameless was created in 2010 primarily as a Street, Hip hop and breakdancing troupe but likes to open the doors to other styles such as Freestyle, Rock n Roll, Latin American, Ballroom, Line dancing, musical theatre and much more.

 As a street dance enthusiast Keely and the avid 20 original founder members decided to compete and perform in as many local events.  Keely’s idea was to then audition dancers to join the troop and compete under the street umbrella.  From their initial audition date, there team went from 20 to 60 dancers strong with students from the age of 9 to 29 and still continues to grow to this day. From competitions, auditions, festivals and events across the UK, the team are always busy performing; 





The IDTA annual street qualifiers saw many placings from 1st to 6th place in solos, pairs and quads. Highest achievements at qualifiers; our junior ‘Remain Nameless’ team claimed second place after a great competition, and our senior team, became regional champions. This being said ‘XLR8’ then went on to become National Champions in March 2017 at the finals. “Dreams do come true.”



Remain Nameless, again opened their doors and welcomed a junior crew. Many trophies were brought home by RN at the IDTA South East Area competition with instant qualifications to the nationwide event. There was success across the board in solos, pairs and quads, with the whole team bringing home many medals ranging from 2nd to 6th place.



In 2015, we have saw the doors open to more students who have competed at the IDTA south east area event and left with many medals and qualifications for the nationwide event in March. The team XLR8 came first in their local event and placed third at nationals, competing against many prestigious schools across the whole of England. There were many results across the board in solos, pairs and quads also, with the team bringing home many medals ranging from 2nd to 6th place.


2013 - 2014

On the 17th of November 2013, Remain Nameless competed at the IDTA Street competition in Milton Keynes and qualified for finals in Stoke on March the 9th 2014. Our youngest member, George Hardey, aged 9, came second in the south east area and was a semi-finalist in the Nationwide’s. George joined many others who claimed trophies this year at both the area meeting and the nationwide finals. This year we are opening the competition to the Basingstoke crew too.


2011 - 2012

2011 RN performed in a competition held by Street Vibes again at Princes Hall. 12 acts underwent auditions, with six making it through to Semi Finals and 4 making it through to the final. They also took part in the Alton Maltings showcase, WOKING FESTIVAL and competed in the IDTA STREET COMPS with 3 quads making it to the finals in Stoke in March 2012.  

Also in 2012 Remain Nameless performed their own show at Camberley Theatre with a cast of 56 dancers. Even more exciting news was that they were given the opportunity to perform at the Olympic Flame on Tuesday 10th July 2012 at Aldershot Football Stadium as they were chosen by Rushmoor Borough Council to represent the local area alongside Rushmoor Gymnastics