Fusion Dance Academies

Dancers are the only athletes who aren't allowed to show it hurts.

Danec School with classes available in  Classes available in Aldershot, Alton and Basingstoke. We teach a range of dance styles to children and adults from; Freestyle disco, Rock 'N' Roll, Latin American, Line Dancing, Ballet,Zumba (adults only) and the ever growing street and hip-hop. 

Exams, Training and Scholarships with Fusion - A look back

Once again we managed to host two sets of exams from September ’18 to July ’19 in both Basingstoke and Aldershot achieving 100% pass rate with grades from 83% to 98% across all styles.

For the Aldershot exams this June we received notification of 7 nominees for the brand new Street Scholarships starting in 2020.

Congratulations goes to

Hannah Abrury, Chloe Cooles, Jinny Leybourne, Emily Burr, Molly Knight, George Hardey and Samuel Terry.

Scholarship History

Fusion received nominations in Freestyle from the following years:


Group D – Hollie Savage and Hannah Arbury (4th Place)

Group B- Jinny Leybourne, Molly Knight, Emily Burr, George Hardey (S/F) and Chloe Cooles

            (Anna Jones Award)

            Ciaron Cooney and Jodie Upton


Over 18s – Ben Anderson (WINNER) and Hannah Arbury (4th Place)


Group C – Lauren Campbell

Group B  – Hannah Arbury, Georgia Dawes and Ben Anderson (S/F)


Group C  – Nyree Webster (S/F)

Group B – Sophie Jones, Hannah Arbury (S/F) and Ben Anderson (S/F)


Group A – Hannah Arbury and Chloe Butler (Anna Jones Award)


Group A – Chloe Butler (S/F)

PRO Training

2018-2019 has seen Fusion train brand new teachers to associate and fellowship level in Freestyle and has welcomed them on board as part of the Fusion Team. Whilst Keely and Stacey continue to train themselves professionally they also offer teacher training.

Congratulations goes to:

Nyree Webster                  June 2018 Associate Freestyle

Courtney Pemberton       July 2018 Associate Freestsyle

Jordan Ayres-Davies        July 2018 Associate Freestyle

Alice Allen                      Dec 2018 Fellow Freestyle Module 1

Laura Lockyer                 June 2019 Associate Freestyle