Fusion Dance Academies

Dancers are the only athletes who aren't allowed to show it hurts.

Danec School with classes available in  Classes available in Aldershot, Alton and Basingstoke. We teach a range of dance styles to children and adults from; Freestyle disco, Rock 'N' Roll, Latin American, Line Dancing, Ballet,Zumba (adults only) and the ever growing street and hip-hop. 


Taken from the Showtime write up - a reflection of the year at Fusion Dance Academies: 
From Keely Catt

Well, once again, this year has been a rollercoaster of opportunities for everyone, starting in September and welcoming back original students as well as an array of new faces joining the Fusion Dance Academy ‘family’.


Firstly, our students have continued to make us proud this year. With perseverance and passion, they have completed up to two sets of exams, with results continuing to reach up to 99% honours which is amazing to say the least. Further to our previous scholarship nominations, this year saw another 4 students travel to Birmingham and participate in the freestyle Scholarships. A huge congratulations to Ben Anderson who progressed to semi finals, and Georgia Dawes, Hannah Arbury and Lauren Campbell in reaching quarter finals.
Another big congratulations goes to Hannah Arbury, who will be spending 3 weeks from the 16th of July 2017 in New York city, training in the prestigious broadway centre with top choreographers. This is after being scouted at the Move It Dance Exhibition this year in March. “Go get ‘em and have an awesome time.”


In regards to competitions this year, the annual street qualifiers saw many placings from 1st to 6th place in solos, pairs and quads. Highest achievements at qualifiers; our junior team entitled ‘Remain Nameless’ claimed second place after a great competition, and our senior team, became regional champions. This being said ‘XLR8’ then went on to become National Champions in March 2017 at the finals. “Dreams do come true.”

In May 2017, eight students took to the freestyle competitive world, a very tough competition and have now qualified for finals. The finals are taking place in November, where qualifiers get the chance to dance in the dance capital of the UK, Blackpool.


We would like to say a personal thank you to all students and parents of Fusion Dance
Academies for your ongoing support and commitment to our dance school. This year we have seen more of our advanced dancers taking on more choreography and teaching responsibilities, for which we are truly grateful as you are the inspiration for our younger students. We look forward to working with you all and our student helpers in September. Special shout outs to the following:

Hannah Arbury, Jordan Ayres-Davies, Lauren Campbell, Nyree Webster, Georgia Dawes, Shanon Dunn, Hollie Savage, Jodie Upton, Catherine Kearsey, Ben Anderson, Lily Wilson and Sophie Jones. Sophie is unfortunately leaving us this year after successfully auditioning for London Studio Centre. Fusion wishes her all the best for the future and know she will go far.

“We will miss you, your incredible talent and your bubbly personality very much, so please don’t be a stranger. End of an era, start of a new adventure.”

Itda examiners, trainers and teachers

Also a massive thank you to Mrs. Chris Palmer-Green (I.D.T.A Examiner - ballroom) and Miss. Loraine Hastings (I.D.T.A Examiner - theatre) for not only training our students as well as us teachers, but choreographing for our show once again. It is an honour to work alongside you both and appreciate the time and effort you give to our dance school. Here’s to next year?!

Professional exams and nominations

Lastly, the teachers are still continuing to train and pass professional examinations to a distinction level. The latest exam being taken 12th of July 2017. “That’s right a day before the show.” In October 2016, the team as well as pro trainer Chris Green, drove up to Blackpool to attend the prestigious Carl Alan Awards, where Keely had been nominated and then shortlisted for the Street Dance Teachers Award. Unfortunately, Keely did not win but to be nominated across the country and amongst all dance associations is a huge honour. At the same Carl Alan Awards our Ballet and Tap teacher, Miss Loraine Hastings, examiner of the I.D.T.A won her nomination and an award for Freestyle Teachers Award.

This year whilst Keely has served her second year of the South East Area Committee, Stacey will also be given her first professional lecture later on this year.


We would like to point out that we will be running auditions for a new dance crew for Remain Nameless in September. So if you would like more information, please contact us or like our facebook pages. Fusion Dance Academies. Remain Nameless.